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Our Story

Established in 1994, All Out is locally operated in Kona, Hawaii, just for you our customer. We have been providing high-quality cleaning of carpets, upholstery, area rug, tile and grout and more for decades.

We are your solution, your Ohana. Get the most thorough cleaning you've ever seen or it's free.

Who We Are

Our Mission and Core Purpose

Providing a fulfilling work environment with a healthy work-life balance, while demonstrating our love for serving the people of Hawaii

Our Future Vision

To build a platform for people to derive a sense of security

Our Core Values

We are empathetic toward our clients and staff when they experience challenges, validating their concerns and treating them with respect and kindness.
Ensuring a healthy work-life balance
We focus on providing a secure work environment that supports personal well-being.
Our concern is what's in the best interest of our clients, not on company gains. We put the client's needs first.
We endeavor to build trust, do what we say, strive to deliver the most remarkable experience for our clients every time.

Meet the Team

John Massey

Owner and President

John is the Owner and President of All Out Cleaning and Restoration. He was born and raised on the Oregon coast. At the age of 17, he started his first business, cleaning private roads and business parking lots with drive-able sweepers. John met Sally, his wife of over 46 years, and was married at 20. John and Sally moved to Kona with their four children, ages 6-12, in 1986. Now all their children are on their own, and John and Sally have 4 grandchildren. They enjoy traveling, with Italy as a favorite destination.

John has been in the cleaning industry for many years and started All Out Cleaning and Restoration in 1994. John has a superior knowledge of the business and has ensured that he and his staff are well educated and trained. Note what John has stated regarding the importance of continuing education: "It is very important that we better ourselves by taking training classes to understand the science of cleaning and to provide a high level of service. As a result, here we are now, over 25 years later (and counting) and we still try to improve our skills."

Our clients have been great, and we really appreciate that the service we provide has been so well received. It is great to be able to do something that makes people happy.

Richard Evelyn

General Manager

Richard started a home-based tax service as a teenager in the island of Trinidad. He has a strong background in Management and 15 years' experience in Sales, Business Development and Public Relations. His experience managing clinical trials also adds value to our team and the values of our company. Richard has 5 years of combined training and experience in the cleaning and restoration business. Richard enjoys soccer, traveling, and is currently learning Marshallese. He has a passion for providing the best customer service and highest quality of service, which is in harmony with our company core values. As General Manager, Richard will work hard to serve our customers.

Talia Francis

Talia (Ali) comes from a family of Professionals. She is developing her skills by education and work experience. Ali has used her skill in ASL for the past 6 years. She has traveled to the Caribbean to volunteer her time to help the deaf community and is now doing so on the Big Island. These personal values mean a lot to our company and support our own values. In her administrative role, she loves connecting with customers and making them feel like family. She has a love for life, and it shows in her interaction with our team. We love having her around as she provides an energetic work environment.

Terry Bensch

Quality Control

Terry began his career in the cleaning and restoration business in 1985 and has been with our company since 1997. His over 30 years of experience is of great value to our customers and our team. Terry has taken a wide variety of certification programs and specialized training in the field. His vast experience in every aspect of the business shows in the quality of his work, and our customers acknowledges this as well. Terry is an artist, and his work features in art galleries on mainland US and in Hawaii. Some of our customers have his paintings without realizing he is the artist. He values quality and ensures the standards of our company are high, especially when providing additional training to new staff.

Jeff Katzele

Jeff is the newest member of our team at All Out Cleaning & Restoration. He has 20 years of business management with a focus on retail operations. In that time he has managed several retail stores here on the Big Island and on the mainland. He made Hawaii his home base 16 years ago and he and his wife Jinny raised their family here in Kailua-Kona. Over the past several years Jeff has spent his time volunteering to help rebuild communities and homes after the 2017/18 hurricanes that devastated Florida, Puerto Rico and Caribbean areas. Jeff loves to help people. He brings with him a passion for making people happy, the expertise to see the jobs through, and Jeff stands behind the company's commitment toward our customers. In his spare time you might see Jeff enjoying one of the many water sports that are available to us in Hawaii; Surfing, diving, sailing, or just plain enjoying a sunset!

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