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26 November 2020

Virtual Estimates – Working to Keep you Safe

So much has affected the way we live.  We now have to evaluate how we do things to […]

24 November 2020


You like most recognize the importance of vacuuming. However, when was the last time your carpets were professionally […]

25 August 2020

Extend the Life of Your Carpet. How?

Do you have a property for rent? Does someone in your home often make messes, or is your […]

11 March 2020

Protect Yourself from Infectious Diseases

There is cause for concern when diseases become wide widespread, especially when you’re on an island in the […]

11 June 2019

Maintaining Your Tiled Floors

Nothing can make your Tiled or Natural Stone floors look more unsanitary than dirty grout lines. You work […]

13 May 2019

Protect Your Home From Water Damage

If you’re a homeowner or renter, sooner or later you will be affected by water damage to your […]

23 April 2019

The Truth About Vacuuming

Vacuuming. It may not be your favorite chore to get done, but it is an essential task nonetheless. […]

22 April 2019

Keys to a Healthier Home

Spring has arrived! Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your home healthier as the weather […]

08 April 2019

Smells & Sales

Fresh baked cinnamon rolls and chocolate chip cookies. It makes the house smell amazing and gives you the […]

02 March 2019

Allergens in the Home

Allergies Allergies. So many people have them, in one way or another. There are so many different kinds. […]