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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet acts as an air filter for allergens, dust and more.

As they accumulate, they are released in your home or office and can have a negative effect on your health.
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How Do We Help?


Hot Water Extraction

A combination of heated water and cleaning agents are injected into the fibers of carpet at high pressure. All lifted soils are removed by a powerful Truck-Mounted Vacuum System.

The pressure can be adjusted based on the condition of the carpets.

Speed Drying

We use specialized drying tools while cleaning to remove moisture from carpets.

Your carpets to dry faster.

Low-Moisture Encapsulation

Recommended by commercial carpet manufacturers, encapsulation extends the life of your carpet and improves indoor air quality. How?

After pre-vacuuming, we use an Industrial Counter-Rotating Brush Machine, which collects soils that vacuuming leaves behind.

Next, we pretreat and clean all sides of the carpet fibers. Afterward, the crystallized soils are extracted through routine vacuuming.

Encapsulation doesn’t change the carpet texture. It vacuums out easily and acts like a barrier to prevent re-soiling.

Extend the life of your carpet and breathe easier!

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